The Kids Are Alright

The Kids Are Alright series follows a British mod subculture, specifically the older generation and their nostalgia toward the past. From subculture to culture to memory, mods in Brighton prove that their dedication runs deep. Beyond aesthetics, beyond the fetishism of fleeting, seasonal inductees, there is something there that remains perennially attractive to a certain type of Brit who just gets it and belongs. What defined mods in the 60s, along with their skinhead spawns, is a need to define a generation in a period of mass cultural shifts, as the hippies did in the US. Sixty years later, the need to self-identify and stand out from their parent’s generation has seen our modern youths look backwards and fall in love with the scooters, timeless fashion, and music whose appeal has gone from modern to vintage. In one way or another, the scooter retains its allure as a machine of freedom and is the starting point for people who are even inadvertently predisposed towards the mod life. 


Billingsgate project brings focus to the vibrant essence of Billingsgate Market, situated in London. With its rich history dating back to the 19th century, Billingsgate stands as the United Kingdom's largest inland fish market, bustling with activity since its establishment. The aim of this project is to document the busy market's atmosphere - from the early morning rush of fishmongers unloading their catches to the hectic trade and colorful characters that frequent its stalls. 

Playing Away

Playing Away is a photography portrait series focused on BC Vetra, a Bristol-based baseball team with roots tracing back to a Lithuanian team founded in 1984 in the city of Utena. The story embodies a remarkable journey from modest beginnings to becoming a force in British Baseball. Founded in 2019, the team boasts a diverse, multinational roster, blending the core of Utena players with talents from various backgrounds.
Defying expectations, BC Vetra swiftly ascended from the A league in 2019 to claim the AAA League Championship within two years. Their success showcases their inspiring dedication and resilience. Beyond the pitch, Vetra is a tight-knit community whose story of passion, unity, and a shared love for the game, carries a legacy that transcends wins and losses and goes beyond borders and expectations.